Purpose. This policy communicates the copyright, trademark, and intellectual property provisions for content hosted on this Web site. This policy may change from time to time, and must therefore be evaluated and re-affirmed by the primary parties, identified hereafter, during continual use of the Web site. Should any provision in this agreement be declared invalid, illegal, or inoperative for any reason, the remaining parts shall be effective and fully operative.

Parties. This document identifies the primary parties, as pertaining to this agreement. Business Innovation + Technology Solutions ("BITS") is a privately held business and technology consulting agency with principal operations in Indianapolis, IN USA. References to "BITS" shall include any associated owners or proprietors. "Guest" is any secondary party who accesses the Web site registered to and managed by BITS, its associated servers and network infrastructure thereof.

Commencement. The commencement date of this agreement shall be the date of Guest's first access of the BITS Web site or related resources thereof. Guest consents to this agreement with continual use and access of the Web site, its contents, features, services, or underlying infrastructure. Fair Use reproductions or derivatives, distribution channels, and consumers thereof shall honor the this policy and all other accompanying and customary agreements and provisions associated with the media.

Copyright. Contents and technologies of this Web site are original and derivative works, or licensed for appropriate use. All content is Copyright © BITS and licensors. All rights reserved.

Trademark. Trademarks are property of their respective owners. Third party trademarks are for illustrative purposes only, and do not reflect any business association, partnership, endorsement or recommendation.

Intellectual Property. BITS retains full rights to its original intellectual property. Licensed and derivative works sourced from third parties inherit those respective rights of licensors.

Liability. BITS limits first party liability in all personal and business-related activities. BITS furthermore disclaims any liability for the private or public use, non-use, or misuse of content, information, and online services as provided to Guest, or acquired by any third party, operating on behalf of, in spite of, or in relation to, Guest. Should applicable law or legal process determine fault for any reason or circumstance related to content delivery or associated conduct thereof, BITS limits reparations to the total of financial transactions, if any, it receives from Guest for any related, particular, and legitmate business-related purpose, without provision to supply any gains from interest or investment. In all other situations, cases, claims, and instances, Guest will indemnify and hold harmless BITS for any and all wrongdoing, including, but not limited to, malpractice, misrepresentation, and ill effects, including any undesired consequences thereof. Such indemnification shall also include protection from any initiated, or otherwise supported acts of commission or omission by, on behalf of, in relation to, or in association or affiliation with, BITS. In any disagreement or dispute, Guest assumes all costs of arbitration, court and trial related costs, including those of legal counsel, processing costs, fees, and other charges, to the full extent afforded by law.

Governance. BITS adheres to company standards and laws of its local governance. This agreement is governed by the State of Indiana, United States of America. With respect to any dispute which may arise, Guest consents to the jurisdiction of the aforementioned state and federal courts.

Acceptance. Any and all access of Web site content, data, assets, regardless of outcome or effect, indicate acceptance of the foregoing Policy. Guest thereby guarantees authority and authorization as a legal agent to accept all terms and conditions hereby presented.